(1956-2005) 2005 pp. 286pp
Amici, R. R.
ISBN: 0-9770942-0-0
Record Number: 20053181842


The objective of this publication is to collate the information available on the history of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP) from its inception in 1956 up to the present. As synopsis of all the AAVP meetings from 1956-2004 is constructed. Biographical sketches of various parasitologists are compiled, and each is accompanied by several references of works published by the author. The biographical sketches of the scientists who pioneered the veterinary parasitology in the USA as well as those who over the years interacted with AAVP are included in this book. A review of the important contributions made to veterinary parasitology by American women working in government institutions, universities and industry is given. Another section of the book deals with the history of veterinary parasitology advertising in America. The evolution of veterinary parasitology in the USA over the last 150 years is discussed.