Raffaele Roncalli – Milltown, NJ

Over the centuries, medals have been coined to celebrate distinguished personages or historical episodes of note. This is also common in the world of parasitology, where as early as the 17th century, medals were coined to celebrate distinguished researchers (i.e. Francesco Redi--1684--et alia) for their discoveries as well as for special events. In more recent years, several organizations have established memorial awards (medals) for distinguished researchers for their contributions to parasitology i.e.: in the USA the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal by the American Society of Parasitologists; in the U.K. the C. A. Wright Memorial Medal by the British Society for Parasitology; in Australia the Bancroft'-Mackerras Medal by the Australian Society for Parasitology and others. In addition, special medals have been coined to celebrate events of note; among them two distributed by the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists in 1993 to celebrate the authors (D. E. Salmon, T. Smith, F. L. Kilborne and C. Curtice) of the discovery of the agents causing Texas Cattle Fever in 1893 and in 2005 to salute the 50th anniversary of the first meeting of the association. These medals will assist in perpetuating the history of parasitology in the years to come.